Docteur.——Born For Problem Skin

Docteur. and consumers like the relationship between Rilla and Kitt, Rilla in the death of his father, like the loss of the princess's childhood life, suffering Rilla still maintains the kindness of others, by chance, the prince (Kitt) to look for the princess in the city, Rilla rushed to make a dress with worn and scraps of fabric, of course, this is far less than the sisters wore gaudy. However, Rilla got magic help, in the magical spell she was beautiful, riding in a pumpkin car to the prince's palace, and the prince danced. She knew that the spell would all disappear before 12 o'clock, the moment the clock struck, she panicked and fled the prince, the prince has fallen in love with the glass slipper Rilla accidentally left behind, vowing to find the love of his life Rilla from the millions of women.

The philosophy of Docteur. is to let every woman reveal her most beautiful self. Beauty is never about pretentious makeup, but rather a clever blend of nature and science that accentuates a woman's natural beauty. With this credo, Docteur. was officially established in 1997. Docteur., a biotech high-end skincare brand, was created by Dr. Olaf, a dermatologist and medical doctor, together with his dear friend Dr. Gong.Dr. Olaf is the President of the Swiss Society for Skin Research and a leading figure in the medical aesthetics industry. He wants natural, scientific and professional skin care products to protect the health of the skin, just so every woman can have beauty forever.

Docteur. Is one of the world's most safe-care brands, and all of its products are professionally formulated by dermatologists, pass allergy tests, and are 100% fragrance-free and alcohol-free. Passing the anaphylaxis test is a very strict and accurate test, as long as one person in a thousand has an allergy, the product will not pass. 100% fragrance-free, alcohol-free skin care products can greatly reduce skin irritation, but also affect the efficacy of the use.

The first Cosafe sensitive series, completely for sensitive skin consideration, its use of the northwest Xingan League Inner Mongolia Autonomous region alshan live spring water. The living water of The Alshan mountains has magical soothing effects and is often used by dermatologists to treat acne, eczema, and some skin surgeries. At Docteur., skin health and natural circadian rhythms go hand in hand.In formula design, the brand pursues to combine the body's natural rest rules and recovery process within 24 hours, and formulates the correct use time of each product. Add natural plant extract ingredients and scientific technology and formula, can gently and step by step to improve the skin condition, directly attack the root of skin problems.

Cosafe moisturizing special care essence milk uses extracts of plant essence ingredients such as shea butter and horse tooth to improve the self-healing power of skin, solve the problems of repeated sensitivity, redness, dryness and roughness of skin, and achieve the excellent effect of awakening healthy skin, repairing and maintaining stability. Its series of products also include cleanser, facial mask, essence cream, etc., have won the unanimous praise of the majority of consumers.

According to research data, in 2022, more than half of the world's female consumers are concerned about their skin, and people are actually not satisfied with their skin condition. From the current situation of the whole skin care industry, the concept of natural plant extraction skin care has become the first choice of more and more skin care products based on the diverse needs of women.

Docteur. has been striving to lead the industry, based on market insight, the pursuit of innovation, and constantly optimize the formula and product system to meet the needs of consumers to upgrade their consumption. On the basis of sensitive skin research and development of acne removing and cleaning skin series, its core ingredients are extracted from natural fruits of various organic acids (compound fruit acid), mild and safe, specifically for various types of acne, acne, acne, pores, water and oil imbalance and other problems of skin repair.

Docteur. seeks out the ultimate recipe for youthful and beautiful skin years ago. Gathered together the elite strength in the field of global dermatology, began to focus on the research and development of skin problem. End of the study found that with the aging of skin, skin cells activation degree also gradually decline, at the same time, as a critical structural components at the bottom of the loss of collagen, can make skin elastic structure more flat, aging of the skin epidermis thinner, resulting in loss of skin source compact, relaxation, wrinkles and other aging problems in. Therefore, if you want to fundamentally solve all aging problems, you must go straight to the bottom of the skin, enhance the root cause of firming!

At present, Docteur. Not only launched cosafe sensitive series, acne series, freckle series, anti-aging series, water coagulation series. However, as a leading brand in the international skin care industry, the key is to start from consumers' skin problems if you want to break through the siege and create products that consumers love.

"Different people make different demands on our products," says Docteur. Docteur. It is like a kind of personalized skin care products customized by a skin care teacher, who needs to mix one to one according to the skin quality, eating habits, regional climate and other factors of the skin in question, which also ensures that it is more precious and effective than traditional skin care products."

Docteur. Next goal is to put more energy on "natural herbal plant extraction maintenance", continue to spread scientific skin care knowledge, help more problems of skin restore healthy beauty skin.