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Establish their own skin care philosophy skin care follow a scientific and effective method

Having healthy skin is what everyone dreams of, but healthy skin doesn't happen overnight. Having your own skincare routine, the DSSC professional team can help you.

  1. Let's follow to understand the basic skin care common sense
  2. Let the DSSC professional team customize your skincare regimen
  3. Listen to the DSSC skincare consultant's program to improve your skincare status and solve your skin problems

Skin care steps

To get ready to start skincare, the DSSC professional team of skincare advisors will help you correct your wrong skincare methods and allow you to scientifically nourish your skin.The DSSC professional team is dedicated to solving all kinds of skin problems for Asian women, recommending you scientific treatment methods and creating a one-to-one skin measurement and customization model in multiple directions. Let your family members also get scientific skin care methods and get DSSC professional team care advice.

For your better skincare, the DSSC professional team gives you advice on the order in which you should follow to get twice the results.

l Cleanser

l Use a serum, facial mist or toner

l Exfoliation

l Apply Mask

l Performing facial treatments

l Eye Care

l Moisturizing

l Sun Protection

l Body Care

  1. Cleanser

Twice a day, morning and evening. Thoroughly cleanse the oil and debris secretions that cover the skin, as these are the culprits of large skin pores and dull skin and should never be clogged.

After cleansing thoroughly, it also prepares the skin for the next treatment step, so that the skin can get better access to beneficial treatment ingredients in the follow-up. No matter what skincare products you choose, skincare your skin type DSSC skincare consultant will solve it for you efficiently.

  1. Use a serum, facial mist or toner

Twice a day, morning and evening. Toners, facial sprays or serums all help your skin's health by adding ingredients that nourish and care for your skin, and then using them after cleansing as a synergistic effort.

  1. Proper exfoliation

Exfoliation here, DSSC skincare consultants give you advice not to do it too often, once a week is good, exfoliation can eliminate the accumulation of harmful substances, can promote healthy skin cell renewal and relieve clogged pores. However, do not exfoliate blindly and thus cause other problems, do it under professional advice, and you must consult a DSSC skincare consultant to determine the best method for your skin type and to solve the problem.

  1. Apply Mask

Once in the morning and once in the evening, once a week. The mask is the most hassle-free way of skin care, different masks contain different nutrients that can be quickly absorbed into the skin, most of which, in addition to moisturizing, have the effect of eliminating acne, spots and solving enlarged pores.

  1. Performing facial treatments

Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Daily skincare requires the use of serum lotions or other facial care serums that are formulated with potent ingredients in hopes of addressing your skin concerns or preventing other problems, such as dryness prevention and anti-wrinkle.

  1. Eye Care

Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The eye take area is lighter and thinner than other parts of the body and more likely to cause problems, such as, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. You need to take extra care to deal with any problems promptly, and regular application of eye cream treatment with gentle massage can keep the skin around the eyes elastic.

  1. Moisturizing

Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Moisturizing creams or moisturizing waters contain moisturizing ingredients that target different skin layer problems and provide specific support to the skin barrier, the purpose of a healthy skin barrier is to retain moisture and resist foreign aggressors.DSSC skincare advisors remind you that hydration is equally important even if you have oily or acne-prone skin!

  1. Sun Protection

No matter what kind of skin, the last key is also sun protection, always do a good job of UV attack, if slack will lead to skin irritation, premature aging or skin lesions may, DSSC skin care consultant remind you that if you are a problem skin more should do a good job of sun protection.

  1. Body Care

It is not a bad idea to stick to it daily according to your needs or schedule. Because skincare is not only visible some areas will also have a common linkage, DSSC professional team and skincare advisors will, according to your skin type and problems, will recommend the use of other products rich in nutrients to continue your skin foundation maintenance stability, from the inside out to make your mental state young skin foundation powerful.

Learn more about the above to customize your skincare regimen

Once you have mastered certain skincare basics, you are ready to talk one-on-one with a DSSC skincare consultant.

DSSC skincare consultants analyze your skin problems differently, customize different programs to recommend the right skincare products, and solve your skin problems in the process of scientific and effective skincare steps.

l Your Skin Type

l Your skin problem and current situation

  1. Skin Type

Skin type is determined by congenital factors, also known as genetics. Genetic factors determine how much oil your sebaceous glands produce the shape and size of your pores and the condition of your skin. All of these contribute to the overall condition of your skin, such as dry and seborrheic skin. Inherited factors cannot be changed, but with a scientific program from a DSSC skin care consultant, skin care interventions can be made to repair them.

  1. Common skin problems.

l Normal Skin

l Dry Skin

l Oily skin

l Combination skin type

l Sensitive skin type

Skin Attribute Test

If you are not sure which skin type you belong to, you can consult a DSSC skin care consultant to test and determine which one you belong to.

  1. Normal Skin

Usually performance: even skin condition throughout, small pores, no obvious problems. Occasional dryness and other problems, basic skin care can be improved, is the skin state of most people.

DSSC skincare advisors suggest that this type of skincare problem requires a focus on keeping the skin healthy and choosing gentle products in your skincare routine.

  1. Dry Skin

Usual performance: the skin feels dry and tight for a long time, the skin is dehydrated in different layers, manifesting itself in different areas, accompanied by dry skin peeling in severe cases, and wrinkles around the eyes and lips will be produced correspondingly.

DSSC skincare advisors recommend using a hydration-rich product such as a daily moisturizer or hydrating lotion that not only hydrates but also locks in moisture loss, paired with a weekly moisturizing mask to plump and soften the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Oily skin

Usually performance: sebaceous thread body past active, secrete a lot of oil substances, will lead to oily skin complexion, make pores large blackhead breeding, easy to grow spots, need to control to avoid the development of oily acne skin.

DSSC skincare advisors suggest: firstly, control excess oil and keep skin hydrated in a timely manner by using skincare products containing plant hyaluronic acid as a means of skin hydration, and also use makeup remover oil to clean up promptly after makeup application.

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  1. Combination skin type

Usually manifestation: no distinction between dry and oily skin, but certain areas will be slightly active in oil secretion and will produce a greasy state, and even some areas will become dry.

DSSC skincare advisors recommend: cleansing with a gentle cleanser in the morning and replenishing the day's lost moisture in the evening, such as using a cream or applying a mask.

  1. Sensitive Skin

Usual manifestations: This type of skin is the most distressed, with a long treatment recovery period, and the DSSC professional team reminds that it needs to be treated carefully and patiently. Because each person behaves differently, it may produce redness on the face, dryness, itching and tingling, damaged skin barrier, fragility and sensitivity, and easy allergy.

DSSC skincare consultants recommend that sensitive skin problems should be treated with gentle and soothing skincare products that contain ingredients derived from plant herbs in order to be safe and effective to cure sensitive skin problems and to relieve discomfort and maintain and repair immediately after use.

Existing Skin Conditions Common Skin Summary

Skin Acne

Reddening of the skin

Coarse pores

Skin Dehydration

Premature aging phenomenon

Deterioration of elasticity

Melanin deposition

UV damage

Dull and lusterless

  1. Skin Acne

There are many reasons for this, including: unclean cleansing, clogged pores coupled with excessive oil secretion, etc. DSSC skin care consultants should be consulted promptly for professional skin care guidance and relief to maintain healthy skin.

Probiotic flora can activate the skin's repair potential in multiple ways, soothing and repairing from the inside and rebuilding the skin barrier from the outside, carrying high-functioning probiotic flora to promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products, using this type of skin care products is the best.

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  1. Reddening of the skin

The change of seasons, indoor and outdoor environment changes, and capillaries becoming lighter can cause facial redness, usually on the cheeks. It can also be influenced by genetic factors. It is also important to pay attention to your daily eating habits.

Use chemical-free skin care products to avoid aggravating the problem. Choose gentle and soothing skin care products with anti-inflammatory ingredients derived from plants and herbs for soothing healing redness.

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  1. Coarse pores

It is usually accompanied by excessive sebum secretion, and the more clogged pores the larger they become, which is a vicious cycle, so do a good job of regular cleansing and proper exfoliation to relieve clogged pores.

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  1. Skin Dehydration

DSSC skin care consultants recommend keeping your skin feeling hydrated every day.

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  1. Premature aging phenomenon

The aging phenomenon manifests itself mainly in the form of fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, or even sagging skin tissue. As time passes, the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin slows down, causing the skin to lose volume, density and elasticity, thus triggering visible signs of aging.

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  1. Deterioration of skin elasticity

With the change of time, the muscle groups of our face slowly lose their elasticity and, because of the decrease of protein, the tissues cause a chain reaction and the tendency of sagging becomes obvious. More so, the ability to rebound is lost, such as the occurrence of bags under the eyes, double chin, etc.

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  1. Melanin deposition

The main face manifests as various discoloration, dark spots or uneven skin tone, and if older people will have the term age spots, which are caused by melanin deposition. This includes hyperpigmentation after exposure to sunlight, life stress, premature aging or skin inflammation. Coverage affects all skin types.

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  1. UV damage

The most difficult part of daily skin care is sun protection, which seems simple but is difficult to adhere to. The first reaction after an injury occurs is a hot, painful feeling on the skin, itching and redness, causing other reactions resulting in sensitive skin.

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  1. Dull and lusterless

The overall look of the skin is lusterless, making the entire essence of the skin fall, not evenly reflecting light and leading to a lack of luster, research has proven that it may be caused by dead skin cells. You can choose to exfoliate properly to recreate a natural glow, remembering to take care of your skin after the seasons change and to protect it from the sun.

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Recommended use of products and help

In order for a DSSC skincare consultant to help you choose the right skincare products and skincare regimen, please fill out the form carefully and simply select your skin type and the skin concerns you need to address to receive advice from the DSSC team.

DSSC Team Nursing Professional Steps

l Assessment: DSSC skincare consultants need to know your true skin condition and skincare habits

l Cleansing: Get rid of basic cosmetic residues and buildup on the face

l Skin analysis: DSSC skin care consultant scientifically and effectively checks skin tone and current condition

l Skin Solutions: DSSC skin care consultants give effective solutions to the problems faced by the skin

l Full cooperation: You should cooperate with DSSC skin care consultant solutions and avoid other bad habits

How to consult the DSSC team

DSSC professional skincare team provides professional skin Q&A services for you. DSSC skincare consultants hold professional qualifications and provide one-on-one advisory services to provide exclusive skin system management solutions for thousands of problematic skin. If you want to get help, please click.