Real sharing: How to do with recurrent allergies on the face? Do anti-allergy tips really work?

I started out with a face that was not allergic to anything, and I had no idea what sensitive skin meant.

When I was in college, I wanted to have good skin, so I bought a bunch of face masks from the internet and put them on, but after using them, my face started to get red and tingling, and I got a few red rashes.

The situation lasted for two weeks, not only did it not subside, but it became more and more serious, using what all feel hot and painful, a burst with a needle prick like. The entire cheeks are red, the skin is especially rough and peeling, itchy and painful, the skin is very tight, and if you open your mouth wide, it will pull on your face and hurt. I don't even dare to use cleanser, let alone makeup.

I opened a variety of websites, frantically searching for "anti-allergy methods", every day constantly drink water, do not dare to wash your face too diligently, only with water to wash, but also obsessed with trying a variety of folk remedies: hot towel massage, homemade mask ...... results seem to be worse skin -_-!

Here I will give you a list of pro-tried anti-allergy tips (in fact, they are tears), see how I improved.

1.Spray mineral water / moisturizing water

  • Mineral water does not hydrate the effective ingredients, can only instantly soothe the dry discomfort of sensitive skin, once the water evaporates, and even take away the original moisture of the skin stratum corneum, and then the skin will feel more and more dry, but also peeling.

2.Wet saline compress

  • When the face allergy red hot especially strong, the skin is in an inflammatory state, you can use saline wet compress to reduce inflammation to swelling. But this method can only briefly calm the skin, but can not solve the problem at the root.

3.Aloe vera gel on the face

  • I have also used aloe vera gel, although the texture of moist, but the thick coating on the face but will impede cellular respiration, resulting in clogged hair follicles, acne and closed mouth. As for some of the aloe vera gel containing alcohol, do not face, careful to stimulate sensitive skin more serious!

4.Hormonal ointment

  • During the period of watching some videos that the effect of ointment face rubbing is quite good, I also tried to buy a lot of ointment in the drugstore, at first the effect is good, after the good I stopped using. The result is that after two days, the face inexplicably appears a piece of red spot also red and hot, serious time is also very itchy, woke up in the middle of the night by itching and then can not sleep kind of. The skin also becomes thinner and thinner, capillaries can be seen very clearly, and dependence is becoming more and more serious!

5、Naked face method

As sensitive skin itself has a damaged stratum corneum, some people will take a bare face to thicken the stratum corneum. In fact, that is only the accumulation of metabolic oil waste in the skin surface of the bare face, not the thickening of the stratum corneum, these accumulations of oil keratin on the skin to produce what impact I do not need to say it!

Here I advise you, sensitive skin to allopathic repair skin, must not blindly use hormonal ointments and all products containing hormones to relieve allergy symptoms! These products are like skin poisons that can achieve quick results in a short period of time to relieve allergies, whitening and rejuvenating effects, but once you stop using it will lead to a relapse or worsening of the sensitivity problem!

In fact, regardless of whether it is sensitive, or dermatitis or red blood cells, all indicate that the skin barrier is damaged, if not use any skin care products, just rely on the skin barrier function itself to repair is impossible. So it is still necessary to use the right skin care products to restore the normal skin barrier and repair the damaged skin!

But there is no need to feel desperate, I can understand the fear of risks and side effects, after all, the love of beauty, we all have. A colleague said by chance that he knew a teacher who specialized in skin care. Just hold the curious mind to add WhatsApp:

I saw that she would often send some beauty and skin care knowledge in the social circle, are not the kind of online search, and a lot of knowledge and cases about sensitive skin, seems to be quite professional.

The next step was to understand my daily habits, causes, and miscellaneous methods used over the years. After thoroughly understanding my skin condition, she formulated a systematic repair plan for my skin condition and skin type, down to diet and work and rest. Under her patient guidance and careful supervision, not to mention skin problems, my body's internal circulation has improved a lot, I had never considered treating this problem before, I was really surprised!

My face is all better, my pores are thinner, my face is smooth, delicate and elastic, and my previous sensitivity symptoms have basically never appeared again, so don't mention I'm not happy; hahaha, now my skin is also more stable, before spicy, hot, afraid to eat anything, afraid of allergies again, now I understand my own skin type, find the right skin care method, and navigate skin problems with ease!

As an "old patient" who has been fighting for several years on the road of anti-allergy, I would like to summarize my personal experience.
1, do not blindly try all kinds of net rumors of small tricks, believe me, allergies more serious!
2, do not just hear the Netflix and businesses selling advertising on the heart blindly into the hand.
3, do not stubbornly continue to blindly engage, or simply give up treatment, repeated allergies, serious damage, delayed a good time to repair.

Round and round, people who have come to understand: anti-allergy is really a science, anti-allergy to use what products, how to use, with how much, there is a doorway. Many people ask me for contact information, if you also have dry and peeling skin, thin stratum corneum, damaged skin barrier, sensitive and rotten face skin problems want to understand, you can add her personal WhatsApp, she will give you professional advice according to your actual situation.

Thank you for reading!