The Secrets to Firmer Skin

As our age progresses, our skin becomes saggy and wrinkles appear. Hopeless, women and men are left searching endlessly for articles on how to firm skin, or methods to achieve firm skin. Many products are excellent for treating wrinkles and achieving firmer skin, such as Docteur. Anti-Aging Treatment, however there are some extra steps you can take to sag-proof your skin.

Use SPF 30 Everyday

You might think that because it’s cloudy outside that you don’t need SPF, but that’s the wrong way of thinking! You need SPF to protect you from harmful free radicals, so make you slather it on everyday and reapply as needed.


Before you put on your skin treatment, cleanse skin thoroughly, and make sure you gently exfoliate with warm water. Exfoliation will help your product sink in more efficiently. Exfoliation also decreases the look of dullness and makes your skin look fresher.

Remember Your Eyes!

Since the skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive, wrinkles and fine lines start appearing in the area at an early age. Use an effective product that contains retinol and Vitamin C, such as Docteur. Eye Mask Set, and don’t forget that the area around your eyes needs SPF as well.

Watch What You Eat

Studies show that processed sugars contribute to skin breakdown, and decrease your skin’s elasticity. Try to take in foods that have no processed sugars. Soda, one of the most common food items we all drink, is loaded in processed sugar and it’s not too friendly on your waistline either. It has also been linked to causing cancer! Eating fruits and vegetables is always a good way to get your antioxidants and natural sugars in.

Hydrate Your Skin

It can be a pain to remember, but make sure you use lotion often. Make it a habit of slathering on lotion after you come out of the shower; damp skin absorbs lotion the best. The best lotions to look for are those with vitamin E and collagen. Also, drink plenty of water to prevent dry skin.

Massage Your Skin

Massaging your skin leads to increased blood flow, which in turn leads to firmer skin. If you feel your neck or your face are starting to sag, massage the areas on a daily basis.

Take Supplements

Studies have shown that taking vitamin C and collagen supplements aid in achieving firmer skin. Vitamin C can be derived from fruits (such as oranges), or taken orally in the form of a pill or even chewable gummies. There are supplements that contain both vitamin C and collagen to firm skin, like our Collagen Anti-Aging Supplements. Make sure you take 2 capsules everyday for optimal results!

Sagging skin is an unfortunate result of getting older, but by using the right product and partaking in the steps we mentioned, learning how to firm skin can be a breeze, keeping your skin firm and youthful!