Dry Summer Skin: Quench the Thirst Please

It’s the time of year. Not only does it feel like outside has transformed into the Sahara Desert, but your skin has become its very own desert. If you have skin that feels tight, just hankering for any moisture that comes in sight, it’s time for a cure. Parched skin needs special treatment that is much different than how you would treat dry skin in the spring or winter. First, we need to retain the oils on our face- our saving grace. Then we can work on maintaining them.

  1. A note about showers. First thing’s first- a lot of women find comfort bathing in blazing hot water- to the point that our significant other has suspicions if we’re secretly out to boil him/her alive when they join in. Lower the temperature by 20 degrees than you usually have it. Hot water strips skin of natural oils and the important ones that are hard to replace with creams and lotions. It’s vital that we keep these intact.
  2. Don’t forget SPF on the scalp. Damage to your scalp can severely affect the appearance of your tresses, including: depleting your natural oils, tainting color, and inhibiting the growth of your hair. Cosmetic companies now make an alieving spray that you can spritz on your scalp before you go out in the blazing Sun. Make sure to reapply every 2 hours that you’re exposed.
  3. Swear by olive oil. Olive oil works to do many things in the realm of beauty. It can be used as a makeup remover, an extra moisturizer and it can aid in softening up your cuticles. By dabbing a thin layer in the area of interest, your skin will not only feel revived but get an additional source of antioxidants and fatty acids – good for keeping that plump of youthfulness to your skin.
  4. Consume more hydrating foods. These include: avocados, coconut oil extract, and salmon. All of these foods are fortified with healthy fats and oils that can replenish skin and help restore the moisture in the skin. You can also use these ingredients to create your very own facial mask. These ingredients can be mashed and mixed in with sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, or honey to create a revamping and hydrating facial mask.
  5. Protect your skin from the environment. Nothing helps withhold the moisture in your skin than a sturdy defense mechanism. Essential fatty acids, such as flaxseed oil, can help hydrate your skin by protecting it. You can incorporate it into your diet by grounding it and adding it to a salad. Moreover, sunscreen and a daily moisturizer can add an additional protective layer.
  6. Use A Moisturizing Anti-Aging Product: A good anti-aging product is always a necessity for a beauty toolbox. However, not all anti-aging products also provide additional moisturizing properties. Lifecell is one of the few anti-aging products that works to moisturize your skin aswell. You can try Lifecell Here.

All of these steps are very useful in revitalizing your skin, but consistency is the key to reaping the rewards of all the new techniques and points we’ve introduced you to.