Return Policy

Docteur. provides you with a seven-day hesitation period (hesitation period is not equal to the trial period) from the date of receipt of goods, including holidays within seven days of receipt of goods must complete the return of goods, after the seven-day hesitation period, no return, refund, exchange services.

(1) after receiving the goods enjoy a 7-day hesitation period [hesitation period is not equal to the trial period] (including holidays), the hesitation period for your reference, viewing, tasting comparison, not open for trial, once unpacked and used, the goods are not new unopened and unused, will not accept returns, not accepted for personal reasons (color difference, do not like, not suitable or different from the imagination ... Returns for personal reasons (color difference, do not like, does not fit or different from the imagination ... and other personal factors); returned goods must be returned to their original condition and the goods are in new condition complete packaging (including goods, accessories, packaging, cartons and all accompanying documents or add-ons, gifts, etc. integrity) shall not have scratches, dirt.

(2)If you find any defect or damage or shortage of parts after receiving the product, and need to exchange the product, please log in "My Account" page to apply for "exchange" within 7 days after arrival, we will process for you as soon as possible.
(3) The following circumstances may affect your return privileges.
* When the packaging is damaged, the seal is removed, the sticker is removed or the label is removed without affecting your ability to inspect the product.
* The merchandise is not in good condition, damaged, destroyed or incomplete.
* The product has been opened or used (e.g., the packaging tape or box has been removed).
* The merchandise is damaged, lost or altered beyond what is necessary for inspection or is attributable to you.
* Any discounted or special offer product whose sales page specifically states that returns are not accepted.
Docteur. reserves the right to make the final decision on any dispute.
(4) If you have obtained a paper copy of the invoice, please return it with your return.
(5) Please pack the returned item in the carton used by the delivery vendor. If the original carton is missing, please use another carton to wrap the item outside of the original packaging, and do not stick paper or write on the original packaging directly. If the original packaging is damaged, the product cannot be returned or the cost of the damage will be deducted from the refund.
(6) When you apply for a return or exchange, please take the initiative to obtain a receipt from the shipping staff and keep it until the return or exchange is completed for future reference.